24. 1. 2023

Richard Burns Rally 2023 Reshade + Road Reflection

NEW mod Richard Burns Rally 2023 Reshade + Road Reflection (by Leza)
Source: LEZA Workplace

6 komentářů:

  1. Yet another bad copy of rbrpro.

    1. Does that mean that the reshade presets I used are copycat of rbrpro? it's fun

    2. Exactly, you have not created anything special except something already created previously, in addition there are many graphic errors such as artifacts and it remains impossible to use it in all the tracks existing to date, I advise you to examine these things and publish make available truthful benchmarks with all the weather conditions that RBR offers

    3. I've already tested in most conditions, I don't mind the wrong AO on some tracks. That's not something I'd take advice from you on - I don't know who you are. I just have a going different way. I have nothing more to say about this. I won't be replying to any more comments.

    4. Here the real issue is that many people say and promise miracles without putting the results with evidence and videos, criticism must be taken to improve their work and if I tell you that what you have done has graphic problems and can not be inserted in the context of RBR without tasks means that I have tried what you have done. Good adventure friend and do not ban comments in your youtube channel of people who express criticism and truth.