28. 9. 2014


NEW track Peltokulma (BTB track by Savo Stage Team Finland)
Source: BTBfin RX Track Archive

NGP 2.1

LINK mod NGP Plugin 2.1 (physic mod by Worker Bee)
Info: Fyzikální plugin NGP se dočkal nového updatu i několika nových fyzik (poslední zatím Polo WRC). Download zde.
Physical plugin NGP lived to see new update and several new physicist (last yet Polo WRC). Download.

26. 9. 2014

Ford Fiesta RS WRC Evans

NEW skin Ford Fiesta RS WRC Evans-Barritt Coates Hire Rally Australia 2014 (by Skins Pierre RBR Belgique)
Source: Facebook

20. 9. 2014

18. 9. 2014

17. 9. 2014

11. 9. 2014

Pian del Colle

WIP track Pian del Colle (classic format track by Casgra11)
Info: Dostupné pouze v novém RealRally 2015.
Available only in the new RealRally 2015.

Peugeot 208 R5 Perico

NEW skin Peugeot 208 R5 Perico-Turati Rally del Friuli 2014 (by Oscar Galliano

9. 9. 2014

Ford Escort WRC Medeghini

NEW skin Ford Escort WRC Medeghini-Medeghini Rally Piancavallo 1998 (by Yoda62)
Source: Facebook
Note: R.I.P. Angelo...

8. 9. 2014

Next Generation Physics Plugin 2.0

LINK mod NGP Plugin 2.0 (physic mod by Worker Bee)
Info: Download modu je možný pro členy GVR zde, příslušné fyziky a vozy zde a zde.
Download this mod here, for members GVR. Here the relevant cars and physics.
Pro nás ostatní je tu RD a Dropbox, děkujeme pěkně :-)
RD and Dropbox is there for the rest of us, thank you very much :-)

2. 9. 2014

Pikes Peak 2008

NEW track Pikes Peak 2008 (classic format track by Miro Kurek)
Source: RBR track.blogspot
Note: A je to tady! Díky Miro. (And here is it! Thanks Miro.) :-)