25. 5. 2020

NGPCarMenu 1.05

NEW mod NGPCarMenu 1.05 (by Mika-n)

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  1. if it didn't work then https://github.com/mika-n/NGPCarMenu/issues page is probably the correct place to ask help.

  2. 5 + neutral + reverse = 7 gears :-)

    The issue is fixed but the picture isn't updated.

  3. Hi,Have tried to create pictures of the cars, but when i looking inside preview folder so is empty?
    Does it not work with resolution 3840x2160 which i use?

  4. @Hellracer. Please take a look at the latest V1.05 version in https://github.com/mika-n/NGPCarMenu website. It fixes few issues with GroupR1 cars and adds log messages (plugins\NGPCarMenu\NGPCarMenu.log) while generating new images. These may help to track down the issue with 3840x2160 resolution. Also the https://github.com/mika-n/NGPCarMenu/issues has list of previous issues in case there are similar cases or you can create a new detailed error report. Anyway, check plugins\NGPCarMenu.ini file. By default it doesn't have config entry for 3840x2160 resolution. Have you tried to add a new INI entry there (copy paste template from existing resolution entries)? And then tweaking the ScreenshotCropping INI value to fine tune the preview image snapshot positioning (the gray overlay bar while created new images highlights the existing cropping area).

  5. Thanks, i will try your suggestion.