13. 8. 2019

ATP-Mod (All Tracks Particles Mod)

NEW mod ATP-Mod (by Pjotr Kard)
Source: YouTube

3 komentáře:

  1. well, particles looks very sweet. :) Does still working water splashes?

  2. Yes, it does (I'm the creator of these particle Mods).
    More so than with the original files or (almost?) all of the modded ones actually.

    There are a few stages that seem to simply just not trigger the water splash particles on driving through a water ditch no matter what, but with all the other tracks I experimented as long as it would take to create the splash. Different water ditches even create different water splashes across the total of way over 100 particle mods.

  3. ... and by the way, Torsby is soon to follow to complete the track collection for now, with an all new snow particle mod. It's a lot of snow :)