10. 1. 2019

RBRTM default setup mod - update

NEW mod RBRTM default setup pack (by Leza)
Source: RaceDepartment
Info: for NGP physics :-)

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  1. Hola, me podrían pasar más información de como instalarlo y para que sirve bien, en el readme me confunde disculpen.

    1. 1. install RBRCIT and click 'Download missing physics'
      2. Unzip the downloaded file and overwrite it.
      3. install the cars using rbrcit
      (If you were using RBRCIT before,
      The vehicle must be reinstalled in rbrcit.)

      The explanation was not enough. Sorry!

  2. If you use this pack, you can not be able to select a vehicle in an online tournament.
    Then delete the RBR-RBRCIT-Physics folder,
    Re-download the physics from RBRCIT and re-install the vehicle.

    Sorry. I'll change the method and upload soon.

  3. In this form (as lsp files) it's best to use RBR setup manager with this (https://www.racedepartment.com/threads/setup-manager-support.49276/).
    Thanks for your work!