7. 1. 2019

Mitterbach v1.1

NEW track Mitterbach (classic format track by Myra43)
Source: Zmodrally 3D

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  1. Pro zajímavost:

  2. Short but sweet. Thanks Myra43! The ditches are refreshing and the stone inside in the end was a joy to crash into on the first run. Yes, the co-driver did say "keep middle", I get that, but I didn't care.

    It's SO short though that it begs the question: will there be a reversed version?

    1. Yes, this is stage according to this year's Janner rallye shake. Slightly prolonged.
      I am thinking of releasing such a modified, even longer version. But also other (not winter) tracks ...

  3. Very enjoyable and entertaining, if only it was longer...
    Anyway, thanks Myra!