12. 6. 2018

Lucéram - Col Saint Roch on RBR-world

LINK track Lucéram - Col Saint Roch (classic format track by Casgra11)
Source: RBR-world

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  1. it's not free to download, or is it?

    1. It's free, but only through the Italian plugin (it's free too).

  2. Congrats for Casgra 11 for end buildings new nice track!

  3. Hello everyone, I want to clarify the situation of the release of Lucéram - Col Saint-Roch.
    First of all I apologize for my English, I hope to be understood.
    For my creations, I never asked for money.
    For this track I tried with donations, to repay some of the time and the work that required his creation.
    Honestly, I was disappointed by the participation and the support received.
    Despite each video of the various work in progress has inserted the link to make a small donation.
    Almost all the donations came from the RBR World community, which is why I decided to release it to them first.
    Together with them I thank those few outsiders who have supported me, and I tell them that they can request a version for personal use, I have the opportunity to verify who has donated via their email address.
    Following I received a large donation from the administrator of Real Rally, as a result have received permission to use the track.
    Who wants to use the track, must make an equitable donation, which can be done directly by the mod or through a collection of users of the mod.

    I greet everyone.

    1. Hello
      it's the same for me, it's a lot of work, I had very few donations ... but I also do it for fun :)
      thank you for your work Casgra11

  4. Hi casgra,
    Im a big fan of Monte Carlo stages, so I will be very happy, if you create a snow-ice-asph. layout. In begin of a month July, many people came in Napajedla city in Czech, where is a something like a night of champions by Napa RBR Cup, so me, one of the administrator, can enforce our team to support you by some money. We all are thankfull for your work and we hope, you will continue with your track creation, especially with tracks like that or like a Passo Valle.