11. 2. 2018

Škoda Fabia R5

WIP car Škoda Fabia R5 (by Nazarswan)
Source: Ha3aP modding
Info:  Nová práce a hned test drive... New work and test drive at once ...

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  1. I was checking and you are right, the measures are not correct, maybe at that momente there were not especific measurement of the car or I made a distortion on the mesh at some point of the modeling process, sorry guys, if I can help you I can send you the 3D model, maybe you can use the wheels or some parts of the interior that in the WRC model you are using are not so nice.

    1. No way Gabriel, no need to apologize. Your work is very good and brings a lot of pleasure to the fans.
      RBR just keep going and that's great.

    2. Or send me mail in to nazarsgd@gmail.com