9. 1. 2018


NEW track Dolmen (classic format track by Casgra11)
Source: YouTube

7 komentářů:

  1. wtf? road is wide like a highway, make it more narrow... and have bumps for monster tracks, not for rally car.. horrible, sorry.. looks like its from giant world

  2. I think the same ... it's a gravel motorway, I can not do it better, but I do not like these specials.

  3. Sorry my english (use google translator) is definitely not what we are used to seeing, I also have different preferences as a vision of SS, but this road does not exist on RBR and it will be very difficult to keep the car on the road from beginning to end ....
    It seems easy, but getting to the end of the track without mistakes will be very difficult ...

    1. Every new track for this game is great :). You guys (Track makers) are very rare and doing a lot for RBR. Thank you :).

  4. Very nice stage! I enjoy driving every meter of it from start to finish, pure pleasure! Well done, Casgra11. Thank you for your great job! Keep it up.