4. 12. 2017

Carvalho de Rei on RBRTM

NEW track Carvalho de Rei (classic format track by RALLY Guru)
Source: RBRTM

5 komentářů:

  1. Hallo Rally Guru!
    Your track looks wonderful as usual, but i never drive online so i wonder what it cost to buy the "key" so i can drive it in offline mode?
    Thanks in advanse! David

    1. Hi, Andersson.
      Sad that you don't have this possibility... Here is two ways, wait until community collect last donation and it will free for all and all community or write me email (rbr_lt_replays@yahoo.com) and I will explain more :)

  2. By the way, for testers. Please leave reply about bugs, problems and other issues on my blog page, in one place as comments. It will help me collect it all and fix in future version...

  3. Congratulations for finishing this beautiful track, Rally Guru! :)

  4. Thank you and by the way, now collected 78 Eu, I hope soon, it will be realized as free offline version, too