21. 11. 2017

Capo Di Feno v2 for RSF RBR

LINK track Capo Di Feno v2 (classic format track by Klacix)
Source: Rallysimfans
Note: Prozatím pouze jako update maďarského pluginu. So far only as an update to the Hungarian plugin.

5 komentářů:

  1. It can be downloaded here

    1. I'm fairly sure that version doesn't work any better in CZ shakedown mode. The exact same thing happened as did with the so-called RSF version (yes, I stubbornly tried to install that one too even when it was clearly stated to not work elsewhere. I never take such warnings seriously. :))

      Anyway, possibly this could work if you replaced cote or verte as instructed, but unfortunately that's just too old school for me, doesn't cut it in 2017, I'm afraid.

    2. Repack pro RBR Czech Plugin - shakedown



    3. Thanks, Provil, should be helpful for some. But while I was waiting for the first one to download, I had this epiphany that czech may just require the missing rbz file for textures and decided to test that for the reversed one since I still had the files. And indeed, that's all there is to it, just like it is with physics.rbz. Maybe you should have just told me that straight away, before going through all that trouble. :D

    4. No tomu moc nerozumim co je za problem.