12. 7. 2017

Zlín SS1 - progress 07/2017

WIP track Zlín SS1 (classic format track by Jan Kadeřábek)
Source: JanKaderabek

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  1. Dammit, You are a true perfectionist! It looks very good when do you think it will be ready?

    1. Hello David and thank you for your kind words :) As a freelancer, the amount of the free time I can spend on track development is quite unpredictable as I don't know how much time I will need to invest to my main job. I still enjoy whole process a lot (maybe even more now when I have started to model in vertical dimension too :D), also I try not to be perfectionist where it is not necessary... so I hope it will move forward fast enough :)
      It is important for me to to model & organize all the things properly so I can easily update the stage later (for next years), convert it to other sims etc. Also I spend quite a time on making all the textures by myself - this way I can have them available even in 8K resolution for future projects / updates.
      And finally, I want kind of present myself and my 3D creation capabilites on this project, so it is important for me to make it rather slowly but in a good quality (hopefully).

      So please be patient and stay tuned!


    2. OK i'm sure it will be worth waiting for :)

  2. Perfect! Awesome work as allways. :)