4. 5. 2017

RBR czech trackpack 05/2017

LINK mod RBR czech trackpack (RBRTM mod by Jakub Rojek)
Source: RBRTM

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  1. Odkaz vede na neexistující příspěvek.

  2. The link shows "topic does not exist" if you have English language selected at


    When you have English selected, Forum URLs like the one posted here point to the English language forum. The "TrackPack" topic is in the Czech part of the forum. It's a bit confusing and I'm not good at explanations. Fortunately you can modify the URL to point you to the CZ language forum page:


    Note that if you click subsequent pages 2, 3, etc you will get "topic not found" as long as you don't return to CZ language in the homepage.