3. 10. 2016

Seat Cordoba WRC Evo3 - test drive

WIP car Seat Cordoba WRC Evo3 (by MokuMoku)
Source: MokuMoku garage

1 komentář:

  1. I think this model has some areas not quite right.

    The center grille area, where the "S" sits is to vertically long.

    The windscreen seems too large. Maybe the A pillars are too thin, but also contributes that the black area behind the glass, that is visible at the bottom and the sides on the real glass here is absent.

    The rear view mirrors, deserve some more polygons I think.

    The corners of the boot, where the wing meets the car. They are not so pointy. The sides taper more, it is a more rounded shape.

    Thx MokuMoku