17. 9. 2016

Sherwood Forest

WIP track Sherwood Forest (classic format track by Martinez)
Source: Facebook

3 komentáře:

  1. I scary, that Robin and company, can do a lot of bad jokes here :D
    By the way, Marti, please don't repeat, only native track assets. You know, it is old and sometimes looks crap. You great modeling master, so you not to need repeat old mistakes....

  2. Exciting news! It's a dream of mine we had 6 epic stages for each of the countries of the stock game. Each stage would be a spliced version of the 4 original stages of the respective countries.

    Maybe most of us have had this dream? Only some have the talent to make it real, though!

    This project is, at least partially, a dream becoming true! (I didn't thought about the inversion, though! Genius! :) )

    Thx Martinez

    1. And also, don't forget support your heroes ;)