28. 6. 2016

Passo Valle Test Version

WIP track Passo Valle (classic format track by Casgra11)
Source: YouTube

4 komentáře:

  1. Very well done track, keep working, mate!

  2. Thanks my friend!
    It 's still in the testing phase.
    It is not a release.

  3. Hi casgra11 and Dino. One little request, I don't know if it applies or not but: Please make it more hardcore than RB Hillclimb.

    I know it's not the proper place to talk about this, and I don't want to sound ungrateful to any track builder. I just wanted to give my opinion that RB HillClimb seems too permissive when touching the walls. In real life most of the times contact with the natural stone wall at speed would be catastrophic, but in RB Hillclimb you can slide so easy. That doesn't feel right.

    Thank you casgra11 and Dino Antonelli very much for your tracks. Torre Vecchia II (hillclimb!) is one of the stages I dream of.