10. 6. 2016

Carvalho de Rei - progress 06/2016

WIP track Carvalho de Rei (classic format track by RALLY Guru)
Source: Rally Guru RBR tracks
Info: RALLY Guru pokročil i s jiným projektem... RALLY Guru also made progress with another project... ...

5 komentářů:

  1. Looks very promising so far, looking forward to the release:)

  2. Very nice.

    Something that puzzles me a bit about RALLY Guru tracks is why they are so resource hungry, for example compared with the recent Kormoran. Versme was released years ago and eats many FPS for me, but Kormoran runs nice, apparently with similar level of detail. Or maybe with more level of detail? Is it maybe something releated with the modeller software?

    For me it's a problem, but I understand that creating a track is hard enough work. People with old hardware like me should upgrade.

    1. No problem :) but when i must to chose between super optimization and save 20% of track making time - I chose second :). I buy my new PC and new VGA specially for purpose of modeling new tracks. So, if you will get new tracks for free and if you love games and especially RBR, why not to update you hardware, too?

    2. That is a sensible decision, of course. No criticism. I was just curious if the software used was part of the reason. I thought: I guess 3DMax gives the modeller more tools, makes things easier than Blender. Maybe it also creates more optimized models (FPS friendly) per se, or makes optimization easier for the modeller too. You know, for example: As capable as OpenOffice/LibreOffice are, some things are made much easier with MS Office (so I read).

      I would like to upgrade hardware, but economics, priorities... for example last year I donated to RBR content creators but I should have donated more. (still I donated more than 0 and more than 30)

      Again, thx for your work. Keep it up!

  3. amazing track !! Jantar +