12. 5. 2016

Kormoran I, II + shake

NEW tracks Kormoran (classic format tracks by Martinez)
Source: RBRTM
Info: Kormoran I+II as online, shakedown open for fun :-)

3 komentáře:

  1. Hi Martinez!
    I LOVE your new track Kormoran, but i never drive online!
    So i wonder if i can buy Kormoran 1 and 2 full length of you?
    I'd love to have this track in its full length for shakedown just for my personal use of course!
    Please i pay what you want!
    Greetings from a FAN of your work!

    1. Martinez wrote here http://trackbuilding.blogspot.com/ that he will published offline those tracks if he collect some donations. So you can donate his work and wait some time for other players ;) Cheers

  2. This is everything what we could want from a RBR track I think. Detailed & great looking graphics, detailed road surface, long, very fun to drive... everything is just right on this track. Martinez is the RBR artist!