9. 10. 2015

Torre Vecchia

NEW track Torre Vecchia (classic format track by Casgra11)
Info: Přes update system RBR-world, prozatím... Through a RBR-world update system, currently.

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  1. Currently... or forever? I dont want to be ungrateful or something, but we had read similar words last December under the post which informed us about good looking stage named Pian del Colle. Quote of author: "As soon as possible I'll be happy to share with you all".
    And my question is: Is it possible to download (even with some extra donation) this track for common user of RBR? Or are we still in times, when every single plugin is running in own way?

  2. Rbrworld will realise the stage in future (I think in 2016 spring) as they do for loch ard and other stages... pian del colle is a stage of realrally mod and it's a lot of time that they have it and they never release it... so don't compare the two mods: it I'd sure that rbrworld will give the opportunity to use Torre vecchia for free in all plugins

    1. I don't know who you are and I don't know who authorized you to say this things.
      I am the sole owner of these tracks.
      This track will be released to the whole community RBR, in November.
      Pian del Colle, I'm trying to improve it, the old version presented some problems.
      with the knowledge and practice that I have acquired over time, since it was first created, I am convinced to be able to donate to the whole community, a more beautiful and without the problems that had the first version.
      but it needs time.

    2. Only my own ideas: so if pian del colle is yours why we can't use it?

    3. Good evening everyone!!
      They are Andrea Bettini and staff of RBR-World ....
      first of all I apologize for my English (use google translator) ....
      I am writing to shed light on this discussion, and I write officially ...
      the track is NOT owned by us but only owns Casgra11
      and I can confirm that we are testing at this track and finally in a short time (very short) the route Torre Vecchia will be available to the whole community of RBR and all plug-in and is NOT in spring 2016 as bed in a message on this page !!! ...
      The official release will be on November 8 and possibly earlier !!!
      RBR-WORLD, has not tracks secret and not shared with all of you, has made tracks for our fair events but also all users of our mods can not use !!! only when present in person at the fair ...
      we do not want to appear selfish in this
      having said that, I personally collaborate (pagenotes) with Casgra11 and we want to give a finished product and of good quality for all of you .... you will see that this small wait it's worth it ....
      everything will become for you too !!!

    4. My apologies, this was a misunderstanding. We must work to our comunity grew, so the best way to do this, is the generosity and the sharing our works.

    5. Are always Bettini Andrea

      Mister Dino no problem!

      In fact I take this opportunity to thank you for the breath taking works created by all of you !!!
      I fully agree with your idea to stay alive this excellent simulator / game and if RBR after more than 10 years of business is still operating ...

  3. I think if the people of rbrworld and realrally use mods and ALL cars freely, they must share freely his tracks o mods. Why people play only RBR like me, and make mods for everyone free, cant use some tracks or mods. I think that is selfishness.

  4. What about the czech plugin? They do the same...

  5. kapja be a faszt aki csak magára gondol......

  6. I'd imagine Casgra11 got a reasonable compensation (call it donation) from RBR-World and all things considered, I can't blame him for taking it. Creating a stage takes so much more time than any other field of modding in RBR and gets very little gratitude from the community that if someone really is ready to pay for the content, it's a no-brainer.

    Obviously it's a shame that this happens in 2015 when the game isn't exactly thriving anymore but it is what it is.