1. 8. 2015


NEW track Horkka (BTB track by Justup, Nokanmov)

Source: 2015 BTBfin RX Track Archive
Info: BTB-fin

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  1. Hello from BTBfin track team. More info at 015V-NORF Rally is from http://btbfin.blogspot.fi/2015/07/btbfin-015v-norf-rally-finland-rbr.html
    Greetings by nokanmov

  2. I try this road and what I can to say. All will ok, but as always native BTB gravel physics is to slippery, looks like toy drive on wet surface with dry tyres. So, always this one distort all impression in a lot BTB tracks. I think you must to make few test and find right physics file for that...

    1. The cars you use make a huge difference. If you try any car with the "original" czech physics, no problems with the grip. But the current NGP cars (v3.1) - and Real Physics cars as well - are just a nightmare on BTB gravel tracks, at least.

      Earlier versions of NGP were enjoyable to drive, I feel, but now it has become basically a clone of Real Physics with next to zero lateral grip. It's like being the first sweeping the roads on BTB stages, except even worse. Roads can be awfully wide - like in Horkka - but it seems no width is enough sometimes.

      So I highly doubt that the stage makers can do too much about that.

    2. I have the same problem with original physics, really feels, road grip is not too much. I don't test with NGP. So, seems first problem comes with wrong road (surface) physic...

    3. Ok, but in that case it does sound like you should force the gravel tyres with RBRWrong+Tyre. As you probably are aware (after all these years) it's often down to luck whether the game can automatically choose the right tyres for BTB stages or not and in fact, the winter stages may not be playable at all without the utility.

      So if RBRWrong+Tyre is not an answer to your problem then I don't know what is.

    4. Just a quick note: after my "rant" about NGP 3.1, I was advised to try NGP cars in RSRBR instead of Czech installation and incredibly I had no problems with grip or anything else, for that matter. It was pretty much like it'd always been, which was nice.