26. 7. 2015

FSO Zeran - Warsaw

NEW track FSO Zeran - Warsaw (classic format track by Martinez)
Source: RBRTM 

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  1. Hello!

    Currently I can put only replace Flastone. But it just be used for gravel tire. How can I replace for tarmac stage? I always throw an error message when I try it.

    Thanks for the help. Anyway a very cool stage.

    1. If the stage doesn't launch in any of the tarmac slots (41-46), I can't think of any special tricks except to install the tournament plugin. It's far more practical solution for the classic format stages anyway.

    2. It is because it has only ....._O files.

      If you want to play on this track instead Cote d'Abroz (France 1 stage), you need to rename all files of your track to ....._M.

      But you can't do it with ...._O_textures.rbz fájl.
      Its a simple zip, so unzip with a packager program, or with Total Commander, end rename the folder to ..._M

      (if i remember well 1025 is the Zeran's "ID", but you can use anything, example mytrack_M.lbs is working too, In offline mode)

      So you need to rename the track_1025_O.lbs to track_1025_M.lbs.
      And do it the other files.(ini, col,fnc,...)
      Unzip the track_1025_O_textures.rbz, and rename the folder to track_1025_M_textures.

      Then in tracks.ini, write the file name in [Map41] part, and rename the original.



      I hope it help.


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