8. 5. 2015

Undva - progress 05/15

WIP track Undva (classic format track by RALLY Guru)
Source: RALLY Guru RBR tracks

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  2. nemáte někdo ini nastavení na přesně tenhle pohled z kabiny... laboroval jsem ruzně ale tohle vypadá jako přesně to umístění kamery co potřebuju

    1. I'm no idea, what you write there :( translator not work perfect, so...

  3. I just wanted to know, how to set this camera postion in ini file. I tried to find the best combination between FOV and camera postion but I´ve never been satisfied with the result but view in this video seems to be combination I want. Yeah it is offtopic :D but...

  4. Why you dont used Pacenote plugin - it's easy to do and find comfortable position for driving... It's different for each car.
    Fow 1.5890 Near 0.1500
    Pos 0.270 1.0106 -1.8551
    Target 0.4100 0.6506 -5.0539

  5. Aj ja by som uvital , ak by niekto mal taky pohlad