5. 4. 2015

Junior Wheels - beta

WIP track Junior Wheels (classic format track by RALLY Guru)
Source: RALLY Guru RBR tracks

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  1. The layout isn't really "rally-like" but it sure is a fun stage. I like the original Australia stages and this one captures that same enjoyment quite nicely.

    One thing I am wondering is those RED split signs. To me it just SEEMS wrong but I'm not 100% confident in saying that because after all they are preceded by the yellow ones so who knows, maybe my gut feeling is wrong. Maybe that's how they really are and how they should be.

    A bit stupid to write about pacenotes when it's a beta version, I know, but on the 1st lap at 1.8km (or something) the pacenote is "easy left cut" but the corner is "right", and on the 2nd lap the same corner is graded as "fast". To me it's "easy" but you can take that any way you like as long as you make your own mind up and stick with it. :) It's like it is with Haguenau, the opinions about certain pacenotes being right or wrong can vary, inevitable really, but they can't vary from lap to lap, consistency is key.

    Talking of opinions, I can say that some of those junctions are "90" and not "K" - as in "turn 90 right/left" (the first corner is a prime example). And to same extent, there were at least two instances in which "90 lefts" were "K lefts" in reality.

    Anyway, these irrelevant details aside, it's a marvellous piece of work.

  2. Thanks for opinion. About track decision, I write on my blog.
    Rally sign, I take from Rally documentation by FIA, Year to years its changes, but have main rules as recommendation.
    What about pacenotes. I did it just, to show main drive line. I never used native, PaceNote plugin is allowed for all and in all plugins, so you must do it by self. In my case, I used extend descriptives pacenotes system, its different from native. And always, I did my own, for all RBR traks and drive only by coodrivers commands.