1. 4. 2015


NEW track Berica (classic format track by Casgra11)

Source: YouTube

3 komentáře:

  1. Overall a great addition to RBR. It's on gravel, it's long and visually - at least in my opinion - it's a treat. It's like extended Tavia, and maybe Berica uses some parts of it, who knows? (I don't.)

    However, considering the length, the road is perhaps a bit same-y all the way through. Very wide, and unless one is using some NGP cars (with their notable trait to roll easily), those cambers aren't going to slow anyone down. Maybe there should be some hay bales and other obstacles to prevent excessive cutting, I don't know.

    The pacenotes may be simplified but they're still correct in most cases, so well done in that regard.

    Thanks, Casgra11!

  2. Well, I test it and have opinion now. I don't want kill you motivations, so try talk what I like: Nice textures and good placed, road looks real . Animation well done. For Scenery looks cool..
    But if talk about track, what he represent, I have a lot expostulation. If this track, not real and seems not, I missing logic, there. You know, in mountains is a huge the amount of rain, so road, in this combination, will turns to river... Because, he don't have roadsides as ditch. I recommend watch a lot onboard videos from real rally stages. It will help for you find nice details for your creation and it will close to reality. Next, as I say before hunting towers is 2 or 3 times to big. Stone nice textured, but have the same size and the same geometry. Its jump in eyes. Yes, I agree with last comment. Road combination is not too much interesting and in 14 km you have just few dangerous turns, in all others you can drive flat out and cut zones is huge without any risk, there. Yes I know, its to hard change all what I say, or is impossible. But you can add more objecks, vegetation and did drivers life much harder and interesting. Oh, put spectators in outside turn radius is always wrong choise, better used there small rocks, stones, ditch and others stuff.
    Rally G