12. 2. 2015

FSO Zeran - beta 0.99

WIP track FSO Zeran (classic format track by Martinez)
Source: E-rajdy

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  1. It is "fantastic", that i can't install to an empty folder.
    Lot of people from rbr community use one of the online plugins, all has different maps, track names and track.ini.
    Why I need to install it to an rbr directory, and allow to modify anithing what the exe want????

    1. Yes, the installer is a little less friendly ...

  2. Nice track, nice colour it, just one place ask some question I mean one very bumpy place when car jumped as kangaroos. And in some place (when dive on grass or dirty place) hard to find driving paths, may need little darker texture in this place... Any way, very good quality stage...

    1. And real:

  3. Tento komentář byl odstraněn autorem.

  4. I'm glad that you like it, thanks :)
    These kangaroo bumps are just like in real. I only changed these big bends to make them more interesting. And the road is a little more rough in overall.
    I don't like too easy tracks. If anybody wants an arcade track - please do it yourself.
    The installer is made like that because it installs the track for Czech plugin. The track ID is 1025 now and it will stay like that when I publish the final version. There's an official Czech list of track set by Wally initially, but nobody cares of that now, neither do I then.
    I can't (and I even wouldn't like to) do anything against different IDs on other plugins. Everybody who knows how RBR files are organised will manage to find these files and .ini entries and rename according to other plugin needs. In other side there are bunch of beginners who constantly keep asking "how to install some track if there are just 8 single files and mysterious 'readme' text file"...
    I really spend too much time on that to think how many plugins are there now and how they use their plugins. Somebody did that installer and I don't take any responsibility for what it exactly does. Sorry :)

  5. Just an info: To avoid more mess, I have now a different YouTube account, which is Martinez Tracbuilding: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNDleREAhDLWJdgbVPROejg
    All my new movies about tracks will go there. Thanks!