18. 1. 2015


NEW track Tavia (classic format track by Casgra11)
Source: YouTube

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  1. A very nice piece of road, I like it.

    I don't know about bugs as such because I'm not a trackmaker and don't pay attention to details but the background scenery goes from the initial good to very bad towards the end of the stage. After 3km mark there's definitely some work to be done. But I guess it's so obvious that I don't really need to say it.

    The pacenotes were good, or at least close enough.

    One bonus point because of the deer running across the road at a distance. I don't think I've seen it very often on the custom stages. One extra bonus point because of the deer not being there on the 2nd run.

    1. Runs 3-5 with bumper cam made pay attention a bit more...

      It seems that in the beginning the background mountain scenery flickers at the top.

      And, those logs were a joy to crash into. Perhaps not very realistic but fun in a #FlatoutStyle. :)

  2. Hello guys, first of all is a PS born while I was doing tests to test various methods of creation, saw the result, I decided to publish it.
    For this reason is quite short.
    For mountains in the background, I have not found a solution to the effect flashing.
    For "bug", I mean various problems.

  3. dont know why, but gavitex is telling me i have unsupported browser...
    could you pls re-upload it somewhere else?

  4. video link on you tube not found !

    1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SNLf1geDdMk

  5. OK , I test it and this is my opinion:
    I hope, this SS not finish yet :).
    If you will add grass around road, like ir Japan stages, feel will full or finished. And of course need much more grass wall or single models around trees, like in real fores. Now its to much clear.
    Next road in all distance is the same texture, or you have straight part or turn all the same. This is not informative for driver and of course looks monotonic and artificial, better avoid this feeling, I think. If mountain "farscenery" seems to poor, may better - masc it with forest wall in first plan...

  6. Hello RallyGuru, as I said, is a ps born by chance, it was just a test.
    I do not pretend that it is a work of art, I did not know whether to publish, but then I thought that maybe someone find divertende, to run every so often.
    So I think it is finished as it is, also because I'm working on another ps. I salute you, see you soon in private.