1. 12. 2014

Pian del Colle - snow

NEW track Pian del Colle - snow (classic format track by Casgra11)
Info: Dostupné jako součást RealRally Demo 3.0.
Available as part RealRally Demo 3.0.

10 komentářů:

  1. There is a tarmac ( not snow) version from this track:
    (I cant see the video, not allowed in my country)


  2. I don't know, why Italian don't want share their tracks with other RBR community, or have huge time limitation. It's bad precedent, and something the same was, few years ago and peoples was angry in all sides...
    So, I decided, for him self, my tracks must to be for all plugins and may it will some advice, how its must to be and all will be happy...

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  4. Hello everyone, this is the second track created by me in this format.
    RealRally I had asked permission to use my first track made (Monster Hill Climb) and when he learned that I was finishing a new (Pian del Colle), asked me the temporary exclusive.
    I agreed, thinking it was not very popular, because it was only the second track I was making.
    Sincerely regret for the exclusivity granted, even if only temporary.
    But I can not break the agreement and failing in my word.
    is the last time I grant an exclusive, because my intention is to share with the whole community RBR. because this is the right thing.
    Two months have passed since I sent the track to RR and see when they are ready to share with everyone.
    As soon as possible I'll be happy to share with you all, hopefully soon!

  5. Temporarily exclusive is not a problem. A really great job, man.

  6. Please give community RBR. Excellent work

  7. bude dostupný na českom plugine ?