28. 9. 2014


NEW track Peltokulma (BTB track by Savo Stage Team Finland)
Source: BTBfin RX Track Archive

3 komentáře:

  1. Track looks good, but guys when you make presentation, try used diving camera without angle distortion, I mean FOV - must to be no over 1.5xx, because all road angles looks like straight line, but in real its not... Yes its looks driving looks super fast and so on but you not represent native track as is...
    PS. I still waiting VIHTALAHTI files...

  2. all those finland tracks always looks the same. It's as if they've never wanted to hear people complaining through all those years about randomness of generated trees, far scenery, ditches and textures doing justice to finland vegetations. This track is not different. I give up!

  3. I'm not agree with this opinion. Its good if all tracks from one region have the same vegetation, the same is in native RBR tracks, like France, Japan, Australia, so nothing bad in there. Forest always looks the same. What about rotation, yes it's must to have more variation, but all that predispose of skill in 3D software...