14. 5. 2014

Haguenau - new video

WIP track Haguenau (classic format track by RALLY Guru)

Source: RALLY Guru RBR tracks

4 komentáře:

  1. Such a splendid track for RBR and nobody commenting yet... that's a fact that interest has been going down over the last years. I mean, up to some years ago a single screen of a new stage would stir and catch the attention of everybody, giving also some satisfaction to authors.

  2. Well we believe that a lot of people are still happy seeing new tracks, it's just become so obvious to write the good things and people don't do it anymore:) However some constructive second opinion from people is always welcomed and we would love to see more discussion either on forums or blogs.

  3. RBR TRAXX is pretty much spot on.

    It has to be remembered that these WIP news span over so lengthy period of time that people tend to run out of things to say. And when it comes to classic format stages - not to mention the BTB ones - I assume many don't feel qualified enough to give constructive opinions. (Luckily the stage creators have a place like RBRtracks.com for that).

    However, nothing wrong with occasional "keep up the good work", "amazing stuff thx" and "you're the champ", and probably these obvious phrases could be cranked up by at least those who don't do anything for the game themselves.

  4. I think situation is normal, game is quite 10 years old, community is old too and not a big.
    When we have just native track, couple a years, all we was an hungry. Now we have over 20 or more new native tracks and more this is not news.
    But, yes, we have another side of the moon - track creators. Just your comments and donations is what leave ours motivation do something. If we dont have any feetback from our community, we can't to know, is our work still need for something, or we work just for himself. So, mother***rs, your raise your butt off the couch, and do something, or its las days of this nice rally sim...
    PS I mean not my track, we have a lot creators lot new wip track and so on... And all is need, your attention and opinion..