29. 5. 2014

2x gravel track progress

WIP tracks Pikes Peak + Vieux Moulin-Perrancey (classic format tracks by Miro Kurek + Arno101)
Source: RallyeSim
Source: Google+

3 komentáře:

  1. in the track by Arno, texture resolution looks too poor for road. It is in big contrast with grassy sides, that use detailed textures. Texture resolution should be more homogeneous.

  2. Nice to see another progress in others projects too, keep work on! Yes I agree about grass textures, but may will help add some grass model in this place and it will mask this places or add "mix step" textures there...

  3. On top of it when you are racing at high speeds - textures for road would look ok I guess. Keep it up.