17. 1. 2014


WIP stage Dyfnant (classic format track by Eno72)
Source: Eno72 3D Track Modelling for RBR

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  1. Interesting track news!

    But like always during Rallye Monte Carlo, I'm hoping for atleast one Monte-style tarmac stage with snow for RBR! Ideal would be Peyregrosse with snow and gravel, but Miro is too busy with other projects... Maybe someone could try Bisanne or Joux Verte material modification? I don't mean full snow stage, but only partial sections with ice/snow/dirt. Some material mixing would do it? 100% snow on tarmac tyres is impossible (try with rbrwrongtyre) but maybe 70-30 blending of tar and snow/gravel would be just possible to drive... Anyone? ChrisB had Monte stage and said he had thought about it, but other projects take all time.

  2. youtube.com/watch?v=FisubPUKt_s ????

  3. If you want make as Mote Carlo in RBR it's impossible from physics. I mean is impossible make it realistic, because tarmac tyres don't work as well on snow surface. You can get or tarmac or snow, or need change tarmac tyres performance for snow and ice...
    And you must remember in Monte Carlo divers have winter tyres without iron spikes

  4. Yes, I know that tarmac tyres don't work at all on snow.

    But I thought material blending is possible? Atleast in Sweet Lamb stage there were some corners which had gravel-snow blend in them, like 60-40. You didn't lose grip completely in those places because it also had gravel and not only snow. Also look at the video posted above. There the car clearly has tarmac tyres and the surface is "something", as it's not clearly tarmac but it's not full snow either, because some grip exists...!

    1. Where did you see snow in the Sweet Lamb materials? I did not put any, just gravels. There are places (dark brown marks) where there is "dirt-rough" material, indeed, and that's like snow, or even worse :D
      However, one can easily alternate gravel and snow in a rather dense mesh, or tarmac and snow. Then the grip should be an averaged behaviour.

    2. Hi Eno72,
      I remember that some early version of Sweet Lamb had snow in few corners (one of them was the very long left which tightened and there was junction to right)?

      If not, then I remember wrong, sorry about that! Anyhow, I wonder how the conditions in the Youtube video mentioned in this conversation have been created...? Maybe " mixed Monte conditions" are too difficult to model in RBR because no one has done it. In the mentioned video it's nice, but ofcourse best would be if conditions would be mixed. First, driving 160+kph and then after one corner going 20kph just trying to keep it on the road... :D

      But looking forward to Dyfnant! Is it going to be RBR World exclusive, or open to native RBR too? Knowing you, it'll be quality work!

    3. The project is at the very beginning, and will be released free for everybody from the first moment, as Northumbria.

      As for mixed conditions, the yt track was made from an original one, so it has the same textures/materials all along. One should remake at least some work to retexture the ground and so have different portions of track, some covered with snow and others not, like in the stunning stages we've seen in this year's Montecarlo.