8. 12. 2013

2x new tracks - progress

Carvalho de rei (by RALLY Guru)
Pikes Peak (by Miro Kurek)
Source: RALLY Guru, M. Kurek

5 komentářů:

  1. Great Tracks!

    Does anybody know something about DevTrackTeam home page? It is not available a few days ago... :S

  2. s site is moved or its hacked or is shut down...

  3. They said some month ago, that they will move to an other site. If I remember well http://www.rbrtracks.com/, but it is still under counstruction...

    1. There is some problem with the domain itself, we should at this point move to the new domain www.rbrtracks.com
      Please be patient, we are looking forward to fix it and to meet you there again!