31. 10. 2013

El Cubilete

NEW track  El Cubilete (BTB track by ChrisB)
Source: ChrisB Real Driving Simulator Tracks Modelling

4 komentáře:

  1. Very nice with good represented atmosphere stage!

  2. Dělá nejlepší tratě přes RX... fakt nádhera

  3. Based on the video, incredibly good-looking stage with a very good Mexican "feeling"... ChrisB is very interesting BTB-builder. Stage seems to have nice surface changes and surrounding nature. I was wondering maybe at times the road is a bit too wide and not enough bad concrete blocks inside corners...? ;-) However looking from the video it has the basic character of Mexican stages: very fast sections and slow corners combined not to forget long crests, so really nice job with the overall feeling. I hope it's slippery as hell! :D

    Nevertheless, a very nice addition to RBR stages and the style of the stage is something we haven't seen in RBR before. Can't wait to test it...! :-) Compare the feeling with onboard from Youtube: /watch?v=LGDsSzWsmYU

  4. to je konvert z dirtu ne?