9. 5. 2013

Audi Quattro Sport

WIP car Audi Quattro Sport (by MokuMoku)
Source: aniruddha.de-blog.jp

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  1. Konečně to někdo udělá ! :-)

  2. Yeah!! MokuMoku - is god of modding)))

  3. Taky jsem na to hodně zvědavý. Vypadá, že to Moku dá "na první dobrou" :-)

  4. Yes, Mokumoku is the most active modder for RBR, but don't forget, that almost always got a street model of the car. He "only" made the interior, and wheels, rollcage, other rally parts, and do the conversion, damage model.

    I'm very happy that he is making cars, but it will be good, if he can improve. For example I said to him, that he always mess up the mapping of the steering wheel. There is black spots on the edges. He fix it on that car, but he doing the same mistake on his subsequent cars. It is only a little thing, scale down the UV, or (the sipler way) paint the backround of the steering wheel on the texture.

    There are several full scrach made car example:
    Delta ECV1-2
    Skoda Felicia
    Skoda 130RS (I think)

    But most of them are received from fans. Example:
    VW Golf2
    Polsi Fiat 125p