23. 5. 2013

Audi Quattro A2 Ferjancz

NEW skin Audi Quattro A2 Ferjancz-Tandari Rallye d'Antibes 1986 (by Remihuey)
Source: Rallysimfans.hu

3 komentáře:

  1. Doufám, že autor dotáhne tuhle práci do konce. Kromě změny nesprávného fontu v názvu hlavního sponzora bych se přimlouval i za textru transparent :)


  2. Myra! This is not an "officially" release of the skin.

    He made a Ferjancz skin for the old version of A2 some month ago. (For that very ugly model of Moku)

    Now he show us, he making this skin for the new car. And I ask him to give it to me, (I don't want to test the car with the Works design :) ) And he upload it, and share the link for me.

    The skin is not perfectly correct, I think bacause it based on the old model. Example He said, that he place the Rothmans logo to the back bumper, bacause its real place (under the carplate) is not paintable. But I saw the model now, and it is pantable.

    So we will update/redraw the skin to perfect. Because I think Ferjancz is the most iconic person of the rally in Hungary.

    1. I also consider Ferjancz as a great racer and that's why I introduced the report, even though the work was imperfect. I look forward to the completed version of the skin.