30. 3. 2013

RBR FixUp plugin 1.11

NEW mod RBR FixUp plugin 1.11 (by WorkerBee)
Source: RaceDepartment
Info: Tentokrát vylepšuje přiřazování fyzikálních vlastností pro materiály tratí.

4 komentáře:

  1. Main thread procesor... co to znamena v praxi?

  2. Má to něco do činění s vícejádrovými procesory, snad...

  3. Material fix do not change any physic, it correct a RBR bug (or maybe simplification during programming).
    The effect for originaltracks is very less (maybe no effect, because here is a simple physic mapping too), but for detailed addontracks there could (not must) be more or less effects on the road.
    The best example are Liptakov/hradek, there was make (right) gravel physic for gravel roads, but without fix there is tarmac physic on the gravel parts.


    1. Thank you Lamda for this clarification. I was thinking by myself too that what this "material fix" means. :D